Baltimore Racial Map

This map shows African Americans in Baltimore. African Americans are in Red

Cities are sometimes the centers of interaction between new cultures, races, and incomes. This makes them very interesting to look at through CensusViewer- where you can actually visualize the changes that happen as cities and people adjust to different social and economic changes, and make us wonder about what could have caused different demographic situations.  We can also see that the footprint of social problems in demographic maps.  Though most people would like to see a harmonious America where racial tension no longer is an issue,  many cities, like Baltimore, are obviously cut in pieces with racial lines.

African Americans in the South

This is a Heat Map of African Americans in and around Georgia and Alabama

Many of the cities in the south look literally cut in half with racial boundaries, one side predominantly African American, the other side predominately white, with little space for green and purple places where  people of both ethnicities coexist.  Below are two maps, one of Baltimore, where African Americans are shown in Red, and Caucasians are shown in blue. Purple spaces indicate mixes of both races in that area.  Aproximately 64% of the people in Baltimore are African American, while about 30% are Caucasian.  The other image is a heat map of African Americans in and around Alabama and Georgia.

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