US Census 2010 Latino Population

by Eimar Boesjes on July 3, 2012

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US Latino population shown in red

Heatmap of US 2010 Latino Population

The image above shows the population of the US per Census Block.  A yellow to red dot is placed in the centroid of each Census Block depending on the percentage of the population that is latino.  Census blocks with a higher population are shown more intense and blocks with a lower population are shown faded out.  As a result the image shows population patterns across the US.  The underlying database for this image contains over 140 million records.  The image was created with CensusViewer in less than 1.5 seconds on a regular server in the cloud.

US 2010 Latino population per Census Tract

Heatmap of US 2010 Latino population colored per Census Tract

This image shows the same 2010 Census population but now each Census Tract is colored in its entirety based on the percentage of the tract that is latino.  This ‘choropleth’ image shows the exact same data but in a very different way.  In CensusViewer you can switch between choropleth and dot mode at any level.  It is interesting to see that the the southern parts of Texas are almost entirely latino.  In addition large percentages exist in California.  Both Florida and Washington state have areas with high percentages.  In Florida this is mainly the greater Miami area whereas in Washington and Colorado the areas with high percentages are rural.

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