CensusViewer visualizes population affected by Hurricane Sandy

by Eimar Boesjes on October 29, 2012

in Bing Maps, Census Data, New York

Moonshadow Mobile has created a free interactive website that shows how many people in the US may be affected by Hurricane Sandy at http://hurricanesandy.censusviewer.com


Here’s what we did to create this site.  We mapped the population data from the 2010 US Census in Bing Maps.   We then superimposed the NOAA forecast cones over the population data.  The forecast cones can be used as filters in the side panel.  Once you have  selected a forecast cone you can open the ‘State’ grouping in the side panel to see how many people are affected in each state.  You can open the ‘County’ grouping for a state and look at how many people are affected in each county.  There is a spreadsheet option to download the counts per state or county.  The data is displayed per Census Block so each colored dot represents a census block.

CensusViewer runs inside of Bing Maps and you can switch between satellite view and map view and you can zoom in at any level of detail.  We have included several of the forecast cones in the ‘Boundaries’ section in the side panel.  This allows people to view the change in predictions over time.  Moonshadow Mobile will update the data with new forecast cones as they are made available by the NOAA as the storm develops over the next days.

Moonshadow Mobile is developing a platform, scheduled for release in 2013, that facilitates mobile and website communication between the public and emergency management agencies and utility companies.  The public can report utility outage and disaster information via mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, Android phones and Android tablets while emergency service and utility companies can provide status updates via the same mobile apps and websites.  To learn more download the PowerPoint presentation here: http://www.moonshadowmobile.com/powerpoint/Disaster-Communication-System.ppsx

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