Uninsured Americans in Southern California

by Eimar Boesjes on September 25, 2013

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These images show the areas with the highest percentage of uninsured in Southern California as one dot per address.

Uninsured Americans in Los Angeles Uninsured Registered Voters in Greater Los Angeles visualized per Address

The percentage of uninsured was determined by the US Census Bureau for each Public Use Microdata Area (PUMA).  We used the California voter file and mapped each voter to its address.  The percentage insured was applied to each voter and is visualized in the image above as one dot per address.  Instead of looking at the individual addresses we can also look at the different PUMA areas.  The image below shows all PUMAs that have over 25% uninsured.

PUMA areas with over 25% Uninsured Americans in Los Angeles PUMA areas with over 25% Uninsured Americans in Los Angeles


These images were generated using Ground Game.  Over the next few months the Obama administration will conduct a large outreach effort to educate the American public about the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  As part of this effort there will be door-to-door canvassing operations that are targeted at uninsured Americans.

If we look at Race we can see that there is a clear racial division when looking at the uninsured voters in California. Hispanic and Portuguese voters make up 24% of all voters in California but they represent 49% of the voters in areas with over 25% uninsured.  Likely African Americans comprise 2% of the voters in California but they are 4% of the voters in areas with over 25% uninsured.  Voters of European and Asian decent are much less likely to live in areas that have a very high percentage of uninsured.

All VotersNumberPercentage
East and South Asian1,277,1738%
Hispanic and Portuguese4,016,22824%
Likely African-American327,6962%

Voters in Areas with over 25% uninsured
East and South Asian76,5156%
Hispanic and Portuguese582,71249%
Likely African-American43,7034%

The above table looks at broad ethnic groupings in the voter file. We also did an analysis of detailed ethnic groupings where we looked at the ethnic country of origin of votgers. Labels & Lists determined the likely ethnicity of each voter based on a detailed name analysis (details on their process can be found here.)  In the table below we are comparing ethnic groups as a percentage of the enitre voter file in California to the percentage that they represent in the PUMA’s with over 25% uninsured. We included only ethnicities that had over 1,000 voters in the 25%+ PUMAs in this table.

The first two columns show the number of voters for an ethnic group as well as the percentage that this number represents in the total voter file in California. We can see that voters of Armenian descent represent 0.56% of the voters in California. The third column shows the number of voters for an ethnic group in PUMA’s with over 25% uninsured and the fourth column shows this as a percentage of the voters in those PUMAs. We can see that Armenians represent 1.25% of the voters in the 25%+ PUMAs. The last column shows the change in percentage. For Armenian Americans the change is 221% since their percentage went from 0.56% to 1.25%.

The ethnic groups in this table are sorted from highest increase to lowest increase so it shows the different ethnic groups from most relatively overrepresented in the uninsured to the most relatively underrepresented in the uninsured. A ‘Change’ percentage of 100% means that there is no change in representation. We can see from this table that African Americans, Armenians, Hispanics, Vietnamese and Korean voters are more likely to be uninsured than the general population of voters. Japanese, Chinese, Arab and many Americans of European descent are more likely to be insured than the general population. Americans of Norwegian, Persian and especially Indian/Hindu descent are the most likely to be insured.

Ethnic Description All VotersPct. of
All Voters
In Areas
Over 25%
in Areas
Over 25%
Likely Af-Am 50-59% Census
With English Name
38,058 0.23% 6,188 0.52%228%
Likely Af-Am 90-100% Census
With English Name
22,137 0.13% 3,593 0.30%228%
Likely Af-Am 70-79% Census
With English Name
23,701 0.14% 3,815 0.32%226%
Armenian 94,119 0.56% 14,837 1.25%221%
Hispanic 3,910,624 23.44% 574,780 48.34%206%
Likely Af-Am 80-89% Census
With English Name
26,882 0.16% 3,769 0.32%197%
Likely Af-Am 60-69% Census
With English Name
30,909 0.19% 4,303 0.36%195%
African or Af-Am Given 123,331 0.74% 13,524 1.14%154%
Vietnamese 229,029 1.37% 20,538 1.73%126%
African or Af-Am Surname 13,196 0.08% 1,091 0.09%116%
Korean 165,459 0.99% 13,111 1.10%111%
(omitting former Soviet States)
64,181 0.38% 4,824 0.41%105%
Portuguese 105,604 0.63% 7,932 0.67%105%
Filipino 104,161 0.62% 7,590 0.64%102%
Japanese 140,831 0.84% 7,723 0.65%77%
Chinese 514,804 3.09% 28,034 2.36%76%
Arab 148,488 0.89% 7,432 0.63%70%
Greek 46,225 0.28% 2,238 0.19%68%
Unknown 2,024,427 12.14% 97,322 8.19%67%
Hungarian 26,800 0.16% 1,249 0.11%65%
Italian 552,463 3.31% 24,693 2.08%63%
French 262,147 1.57% 11,472 0.96%61%
English/Welsh 4,525,714 27.13% 194,861 16.39%60%
Scots 714,750 4.28% 30,356 2.55%60%
Polish 83,625 0.50% 3,305 0.28%55%
Irish 880,209 5.28% 33,288 2.80%53%
Czech 29,917 0.18% 1,121 0.09%53%
Dutch (Netherlands) 174,722 1.05% 6,273 0.53%50%
German 854,909 5.13% 29,490 2.48%48%
Austrian 40,517 0.24% 1,382 0.12%48%
Swedish 178,657 1.07% 5,185 0.44%41%
Norwegian 74,719 0.45% 2,089 0.18%39%
Persian 45,458 0.27% 1,252 0.11%39%
Indian/Hindu 192,575 1.15% 4,840 0.41%35%

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