Likely Ethnicity of U.S Registered Voters per Address

by Eimar Boesjes on December 2, 2013

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Moonshadow Mobile and Labels & Lists have released a free site with detailed data on the ethnicity of all US voters visualized in Bing Maps.  The free interactive map shows the likely ancestral country of origin for all 164 million registered voters in the US down to the rooftop of each house.  To enter the site, go to  

Likely Ethnicity of U.S Registered Voters per Address Likely Ethnicity of U.S Registered Voters  – One Dot per Address

On Ethnicity.Censusviewer you can look at the detailed ethnic distribution of U.S. voters for any country of origin at any zoom level. The ethnicity data is displayed  inside of Bing Maps so you have all the functionality at your fingertips to zoom in on any area, pan or switch between satellite and map image.  You can even display the ethnicity data while looking at detailed aerial photographs of houses for any area of the country.  The site shows one dot per address on over 91 million addresses.  Each time you zoom in or pan the imagery is regenerated in seconds with Moonshadow Mobile’s Big Data visualization engine.  Once you are zoomed in close enough the data is truly visualized on 91 million points.  The counts for each ethnic group are updated in real time as you move around the map to show you how many voters of each group are visible on the map at any time.  

The voter data can be filtered to look at single states, counties or cities and you can generate spreadsheets  with of ethnicity for any area in seconds. This data is based on the complete US voter files from all 50 states and data from the US Census.  Instead of visualizing a few broad ethnic categories Ethnicity.Censusviewer looks at the ancestral country of origin of each voter.  As a result you can see exactly where English, German, Irish, Scots, Italian, French, Dutch and many other immigrant groups have ended up.  You can generate heatmaps to visualize densities of ethnic groups.  

Chinese Neighborhood on Long Island NY in Detail Chinese Neighborhood on Long Island NY in Detail


Once you zoom in on a neighborhood the ethnicity is shown as a colored marker per address and you can look at the ethnic makeup of a neighborhood in detail.  The image above shows a Chinese American neighborhood on Long Island, NY with a minority of Hispanic Americans.

The underlying map and satellite imagery is provided by Bing Maps under the Bing Maps Terms of Use. Feel free to create content from this site but please always provide attribution and include a link back to if you publish data or images derived from this free site. Enjoy!

This site was created by Labels & Lists, Inc., and Moonshadow Mobile Inc. Government agencies and political campaigns can get access to the underlying data through  All other users can access the data through

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