US Ethnicity Map per Address

by Eimar Boesjes on December 14, 2013

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This image shows the concentration of the largest ethnic groups visualized per address on a satellite image.

US Ethnicity Map of American Voters Ethnicity Map of American Voters per Address

For these nine maps we mapped all 164 million registered voters in the US to their actual address and assigned a color depending on the percentage of voters on the address that had a certain ethnicity.  The map also shows the density of the US population as we increased the transparency of the colors if the population density was lower.  The coloring is brighter the higher the density and as a result population density patterns emerge.

The image below shows the same data but here the ethnicity is colored per county and projected over a map background instead of a satellite image.

Heatmap of Ethnicity of US Voters per county Ethnicity Map of American Voters per County


These nine images are colored per county. If an ethnic group had a low percentage in a county then it was colored red.  If a group had over 50% of the voters in a county then the county was colored bright yellow as is shown in this legend.

The images are created with and you can explore the ethnicity of registered voters in the US yourself for over 70 ethnic groups on this website.

Notes on Ethnic Coding describes how Labels & Lists assigned the ethnicity to voters based on name analysis and data from the US Census Bureau.



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