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by Eimar Boesjes on December 9, 2013

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The image below shows the concentration of the nine largest ethnic groups in all counties in the US.

Heatmap of Ethnicity of US Voters per county Heatmap of Ethnicity of US Voters per county

We started out with the registered voter file from Labels & Lists which contains a likely ethnicity for all 164 million registered voters in the US.  We looked at the nine most prevalent ethnic groups:

1. English/Welsh
2. African American
3. Hispanic & Portuguese
4. German
5. Irish
6. Scotts
7. Italian
8. French
9. Dutch

We created a ‘heat-map’ for each of these nine ethnic groups.  The images are colored per county. If an ethnic group had a low percentage in a county then it was colored red.  If a group had over 50% of the voters in a county then the county was colored bright yellow. The result are nine maps that show for each group in yellow where it is in the majority.  The result is an image showing the “Ethnic Majorities among US Registered Voters”.

English/Welsh is by far the largest ethnic group nationwide and it is the largest ethnic group almost everywhere except along the southern border, in South Florida, and in the northern mid-west states and around New York City.  African Americans are the dominating ethnic group in many counties in the South.  Hispanic & Portuguese voters are the dominating ethnic group along the southern border of the US and in South Florida.  German Americans are most heavily concentrated in the mid-western states.  The Irish, the Scots and the Italians are not  dominating in any area.  They seem to have distributed themselves over the country more than some other groups.  The French are concentrated in Louisiana and Vermont.  The Dutch are the dominant ethnic group in some counties in the mid-West.

The images are created with and you can explore the ethnicity of registered voters in the US yourself for over 70 ethnic groups on this website.




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