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CensusViewer visualizes population affected by Hurricane Sandy

October 29, 2012 Bing Maps

Moonshadow Mobile has created a free interactive website that shows how many people in the US may be affected by Hurricane Sandy at  

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CensusViewer shows Cable TV zones nationwide

October 28, 2012 Adult Population Data

CensusViewer Premium is a very powerful tool to quickly analyze the reach of every cable TV zone or  Interconnect in the nation.  With CensusViewer you can compare cable zones instantly for any demographic target group.  Cable TV advertisers can save a lot of time and money by using CensusViewer to compare cable TV zones when […]

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Comparing Voters and Non-Voters in Oregon

July 20, 2012 Adult Population Data

It is the summer before elections so it is the bi-annual season for voter registration drives.  Crews around the country are busy going door to door to sign up new voters. We decided to do a comparison between the voters and the non voters in Oregon.  The results are shown in the charts and maps […]

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Redistricting: Florida Districts Maintain Status Quo

July 6, 2012 Bing Maps

The redistricting process in Florida is complete and the results are in.  New district boundaries have been established for all three statewide district types: US Congress, State Senate and State House. All districts for each district type, by law, now represent approximately the same number of people as measured by the 2010 US Census.  What is very interesting, […]

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Is Texas Bluer Than You Thought?

July 4, 2012 Bing Maps

All of us think of Texas as a pretty red state.  However, if you don’t look at voting results but at voter registration it is more blue than red.  The image below shows the voter registration in Texas per precinct in blue if it is predominantly Democrat and red if it is mainly Republican.  Most […]

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US Census 2010 Latino Population

July 3, 2012 Bing Maps

The image above shows the population of the US per Census Block.  A yellow to red dot is placed in the centroid of each Census Block depending on the percentage of the population that is latino.  Census blocks with a higher population are shown more intense and blocks with a lower population are shown faded […]

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Improved Implementation of Bing Maps in CensusViewer

April 15, 2012 Bing Maps

We’ve ported CensusViewer to the new Bing Maps 7 AJAX map control which provides better performance and enhanced features including: Improved iPad compatibility More intuitive zoom and pan controls Easier switching between Road, Automatic and “Bird’s Eye View” which provides a better angle of aerial photography Bing has made dozens of changes to improve their […]

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