Heat Maps

US Latino Population Heat Map

July 3, 2012 Census Data

This image shows the number of Latino citizens in the United States as well as Latino population distribution by 2010 US Census Tract.  As you can see, 54, 166,049 documented people belong to the Latino ethnicity.  This accounts for approximately 17% of the US population in 2010.  It should also be noted that the highest […]

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Heat Maps Reveal Relative Concentrations of Segments of The Population That You Define

June 13, 2012 Heat Maps

Using CensusViewer’s Heat Map tool is a great way to easily view the relative concentration of certain segments of the population that meet specific criteria that you define.  It’s simply a matter of selecting your choice of population attributes in the side panel and then clicking on the Heat Map “paint bucket”  and expanding the […]

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