Uninsured Americans in Southern California

September 25, 2013 California

These images show the areas with the highest percentage of uninsured in Southern California as one dot per address.

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Los Angeles Voter Heatmaps

September 19, 2013 Bing Maps

The images below visualize the registered voters in the greater Los Angeles area for different data.  The images show one dot per address.  To create these images we collected all registered voter data and geocoded all voters to their address in Bing Maps.  The voters were combined by data provider Labels & Lists with demographic databases about […]

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Comparing Voter Affiliation with Occupation

July 6, 2012 Adult Population Data

People often assume that people from certain demographics follow certain patterns. For example, there are stereotypes that claim that  people from the military tend to vote Republican. How true are these stereotypes? Let’s go to California to find out.  Below are maps of California showing those who have military status, teaching jobs, and those who […]

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