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Comparing Voters and Non-Voters in Oregon

July 20, 2012 Adult Population Data

It is the summer before elections so it is the bi-annual season for voter registration drives.  Crews around the country are busy going door to door to sign up new voters. We decided to do a comparison between the voters and the non voters in Oregon.  The results are shown in the charts and maps […]

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Big City Data Mapped

July 11, 2012 Adult Population Data

Big cities generate Big Data.  It can be very difficult to access and understand large amounts of data.  If you have to go through millions of records you do not get an overview and you don’t get the ‘big picture’.  One way to understand Big Data in a faster way is by overlaying it on […]

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Comparing Voter Affiliation with Occupation

July 6, 2012 Adult Population Data

People often assume that people from certain demographics follow certain patterns. For example, there are stereotypes that claim that  people from the military tend to vote Republican. How true are these stereotypes? Let’s go to California to find out.  Below are maps of California showing those who have military status, teaching jobs, and those who […]

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Redistricting: Florida Districts Maintain Status Quo

July 6, 2012 Bing Maps

The redistricting process in Florida is complete and the results are in.  New district boundaries have been established for all three statewide district types: US Congress, State Senate and State House. All districts for each district type, by law, now represent approximately the same number of people as measured by the 2010 US Census.  What is very interesting, […]

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