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Edge Hill, Georgia - Overview 2010 Census
Counts Percentages
Total Population
Total Population 24 100.00%
Population by Race
White alone 24 100.00%
Population by Hispanic or Latino Origin (of any race)
Persons Not of Hispanic or Latino Origin 24 100.00%
Population by Gender
Female 13 54.17%
Male 11 45.83%
Population by Age
Persons 0 to 4 years 1 4.17%
Persons 5 to 17 years 5 20.83%
Persons 18 to 64 years 13 54.17%
Persons 65 years and over 5 20.83%

Edge Hill, Georgia Registered Voters - Overview Statistics and Quick Facts

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CensusViewer - Graphs & Tables: Hispanic/Latino Origin

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